My social leper status, slow leveling speed and lack of heirloom items aside, yesterday I had a big opportunity present itself to me in Silverpine Forest:

The Weaver.

The quest is red. So I need some help. Brilliant. A quick look on who’s in Silverpine and I see a level 17 warrior. Even better – tank and heal. Get in and do the dirty, get the job done and maybe, just maybe, add somebody to my friends list. A tank would be awesome, who needs these crummy dps!

So I give the warrior a whisper: “Do you mind giving me a hand with this quest?”
An answer comes back pretty quickly in the affermative as they have the quest as well. We meet up at the Sepulcher. The warrior is a female Tauran. After many years of playing WoW I no longer make the assumption that a person playing a sex is in real life that sex. But what I do do is to address them as to their sex in the game. So in this case I say, she and her. If it’s some teenage drooler sitting behind his computer who is secretly getting turned on by this, well, there’s nothing that I can do about that, is there.

We group up and start running along the road on our dirty business of assassination. Not much is being said, we’re just grooving along. Until, unexpectedly she comes out with …

“I am a feminist.”

Lets just sit back for a moment and consider our options here. The question is not, what is the best response. The question is, where are we now with this person. For me, at this particular moment in time, the information that she is a feminist is completely irrelevant to me and has no bearing on what we’re doing. It could however, have a huge bearing on whether I add them to my friends list. I considered my options as quickly as I could and I came out with this:

“I like traffic lights.”

I figured that this made just about as much sense as what she had just dumped on me.

“Do you have something against feminists??” she shot back.

“Do you have something against traffic lights??” I swiftly countered.

“I need to know if you are a man,” she said.

“Of course I am, look at me, check out my rotting limbs.”

“In real life.”

I see. It looks like this quest is going to stay red for a time. May as well make the most of it then:

“You wish to know if I am a member of the oppressive male patriarchal society that has downtrodden women since the dawn of time?”

“I do.”

“That depends,” I said.

“Depends on what?”

“If you’re a hawt chick.”

First entry on friends list is still open.