This is an off topic post, but one that I need to write as it has been nagging away at me for a while now. I get quite a few comments on my blog, and I value all of them. I have only ever unapproved two comments and one of those was a mis-click. A lot of blogs are areas of conversation where the blogger replies to each comment and generates a continuing discussion; The Pink Pigtail Inn and Righteous Orbs are good examples of these. I however, don’t respond to comments very often. Most of the time I’ve said my piece in the original post. If a commenter writes something inaccurate, most of the time someone else will correct them. I love it when this happens, even more when you all get into your own arguement.

My point is that while I value all your comments, I’m not the type to repond to them just for the sake of responding. I hope that you all continue to comment and aren’t disappointed that I don’t often reply. I read them all, but I like to just lurk in the background. If I reply only occasionally, it carries more wait, don’t you see.