One thing that amused me about yesterdays firestorm of argument was the assumption that I am wholly resistant to any form of change. The line of ill-reasoning goes something like this;

I don’t agree with your idea of needed change;
ergo, I must therefore be against all forms of change.

It is an intellectual jump usually reserved to those with a limited capacity at reasoning and an unstable emotional base with which to work from. The idea to these people that you do not agree with their “noble concept” is terribly insulting to them. Thus, they must jump to this conclusion to save themselves from further emotional pain. They cannot handle at all the creeping realisation that actually:

I have a very healthy attitude towards change, but in this case not to yours.

This is a double layer cake of insult to them. It is much easier for those unstable emotions flying around to take refuge in the belief that the opponent is just some hard-head who is against all forms of change, (as it makes it even easier still to immediately tar their opponent with the brush of bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, etc, accusations of which come forth immediately when they realise that someone is not in agreement with them). Being resistant to all change is obviously stupid. But reading my blog for any length of time and coming to the conclusion that I am resistant to all change is even more stupider still.

In regards to all the misconceptions and incorrect conclusions made in regards to my last two posts, I am not going to defend myself, nor clarify my thoughts. I did that once yesterday when I pointed out to a certain individual that his assumption that I am homophobic was completely incorrect. Did I receive some form of recognition that his public accusation was unfounded? No, I got insulted even further as regards to my writing ability. These people do not want to be reasoned with. They form their opinion and then they will fight at all costs to uphold it. They are not looking for a rational discussion. They are running on emotion. Trying to defend yourself with people like this is like trying to stamp out a grass fire; you think that you’ve finally got it under control and then it pops up somewhere else. But what I will do is spell out, once and for all, my stand on all of this:

I am all for the natural evolution of a game and a gaming genre. But I will strongly resist the idea of change for the sake of making change in order to appease any outside special interest groups, whatever the change or whomever the group may be.

I think that this covers it all quite nicely. Of course, I am not afraid at all of Blizzard bowing to any pressure groups in this way. They are not stupid. And a commentator yesterday asked me why I was bothering to make this stand, as apparently you can never win fighting against these types of people. My response is that to remain silent while these ideas are being put forth is to tacitly condone what is being said, and I will not do that. And above all else, a good poke of the wasps nest every now and then can surprise you with which wasps are actually raving emotional nut-jobs beneath their carefully constructed public persona.