You know it’s dead quiet in the world of rogues when Chase’s weekly article spends most of its time blabbering on about the Defias Brotherhood Mask. But lo and behold this morning I found a little post over at MMO Champion giving some details on changes to glyphs in Cataclysm. You can check out the link for yourselves but there are a few choice ones that caught my eye.

Some of these changes are good, some are not so good. Lets start with the worst of all which is the change to the Killing Spree glyph, (the text in brackets is what the previous glyph did);

Killing Spree – Increases the bonus to your damage while Killing Spree is active by an additional 10%. (Reduces the cooldown on Killing Spree by 45 sec.)

This is a big nerf to combat rogues, make no doubt about it. A 10% damage increase? Not so great. Now, if they are reducing the spells inherent cooldown then this is fine. But as this stands, big nerf.

Vanish – – Increases the duration of your Vanish effect by 2 sec. (Increases your movement speed by 30% while the Vanish effect is active.)

In PvP I would much prefer to have the movement speed increase on this as opposed to another 2 seconds. The 2 seconds would be superior if you drop sprint, but I like to save sprint for other moments. So this is not so good.

Tricks of the Trade – – Removes the energy cost of your Tricks of the Trade ability. (The bonus damage and threat redirection granted by your Tricks of the Trade ability lasts an additional 4 sec.)

This one plain out sucks. An additional 4 seconds can give you a shit tonne of damage, and help you with tanks who tell you they’re pulling, so you drop tricks, but then start scratching their noses and reading the newspaper while getting to the mob. The energy cost wasn’t even that big to begin with. I hate this.

Gouge – – Your Gouge ability no longer requires that the target be facing you. (Reduces the energy cost of Gouge by 15.)

This is an awesome change, and I think will make it a must have glyph for PvP specs. Are you noticing that glyphs which give bonuses in energy reduction are just plain useless? I wish Blizzard would notice this too.

Sap – Increases the duration of Sap against non-player targets by 80 sec. (Increases the duration of Sap by 20 sec.)

Fantastic for levelling out in the wilds, (80 seconds?? That is insane. I could compose an ode to ye old goblin mother in that time and the mob would still be sapped), terrible for PvP.

Sinister Strike – Your Sinister Strikes have a 20% chance to add an additional combo point. (50% proc from critical strikes only)

I just about wet myself when I saw this. This is huge. This is the best thing ever. Your combat point generation will go through the roof with this. It would almost be like having Adrenalin up all the time, (well maybe not quite that good, but still freaking awesome).

Yeah, I can’t spell adrenalin and I can’t be bothered looking it up. So sue me.