I have made an addendum to the ‘About this here Blog’ page at the top of my home page. I’m posting it here just so everyone cannot say that they weren’t warned or didn’t know or were out planting daises in an alpine meadow at the time.

“Welcome to this here blog of myself, the noisy rogue, or known in some circles as, Adam. I have been referred to by other names, some of which are not so nice. ‘Attention seeking whore-meister’ was a good one. Anyway, readers of this blog are required to be aware of the fact that I employ irony, sarcasm, emotional rants and general all round in your face shit-stirring as a regular occurence. The phrase, ‘politically correct’, does not exist on my blog. I am not after a ‘general consensus’, to ‘bring us together’ nor to try and pretend that ‘we are all one family’. This blog will not play lip sevice to ‘diversity’ while making sure that everyone watches what they say. Plain talking is encouraged, as is giving offense and taking the same. But above all, readers and contributers are expected to use their brains, (however hard or terrifying this may seem), and to actively engage with what has been written. There is a big difference between being offended and actively seeking out a way to be offended. As was once said, it is not enough to have free speech, one must also learn to speak freely. However, it must be said that stupidity will never be encouraged.”

I hope that this places the minds of some of my regular readers at rest.