[Dale]: Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to another in our continuing series of interviews with people and personalities in the World of Warcraft. Tonight I’d like to welcome that regarded hunter and warrior from the depths of The Barrens, Jorn Skyseer.

[Jorn]: Thanks for having me, Dale.

[Dale]: So Jorn, how’s it been going lately out there in Camp Taurajo?

[Jorn]: Not bad actually. We’ve recently found a vent which leads into a hot water spring, so we’ve installed a jacuzzi with the natural waters.

[Dale]: No shit?

[Jorn]: Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. You can sit in it and relax and just chill out while watching the crazed beasts on the plains run around trying to eat each other.

[Dale]: Has there always been this vent there?

[Jorn]: Not that we’re aware of. One of the young braves found it a couple of months ago just near the main tent that we’ve got set up there. We caught the little rascal as he was trying to set up a home still to make vodka out of the waters or something, young people today … Anyway, we knocked the jacuzzi up pretty quick.

[Dale]: What’s the temperature like?

[Jorn]: Well, it’s pretty darn hot. It didn’t used to be like that but it’s been getting hotter every week now. I can only stand about ten minutes in there myself, but some go for longer. If it keeps up we’ll be using it to cook soup I reckon.

[Dale]: So I suppose you’ve been hearing these rumors about some sort of, ‘end of the world’ thing happening in the future. What are your views about that?

[Jorn]: Look, if I believed every crack-pot who stood outside an inn with a sign around his neck saying the end of the world, then I’d be a nut myself. There’s always been these idiots around, true not nearly as many as now, but, come on. You really expect me to believe this shit that they’re coming out with?

[Dale]: So you’re not thinking of moving to safer pastures?

[Jorn]: Safer pastures? Where would that be? According to these guys the whole worlds gonna cop it. And anyway, I’ve not only just installed a 10 cow hot tub, I’ve got other stuff on the go as well. We’re looking to expand the camp, get a decent inn built , and maybe get some top notch entertainment acts from the big smoke, get them to come in. Besides that, we’ve just planted a whole new field of hooch, there’s no way that I’m packing up and leaving that behind just because some nit-brain dropkicks reckon that we’re all going to burn in the pits of doom. Yeah right, I’ve heard that before.

[Dale]: Jorn Skyseer, thanks very much.

[Jorn]: Aw crap, I think I’ve got fleas again …

[Dale]: What? Didn’t someone fumigate him before he came in here? Oh for fucks sake. Hang on, are we still rolling? Can you turn that fucking thing …