We all know that ruby sanctum is a lame duck. It’s a non-event for a number of reasons, but the main one is that end of expansion raids never, ever work. Especially ones that are just a glorified dragon in a room. With a boring raid like this there is only one reason to go in – loot. But we are at the end of an expansion and on the threshold of a new one, so any loot gained is going to be replaced quicker than you can say, holymalony! So what’s the point? If it was at least cool loot like one-off mounts that were only available until Cataclysm released then we may be somewhere, (with loads of glorious, glorious infighting over ninjas to wax lyrical about), but there isn’t even that. Just a bunch of mega-meh trinkets to “wet your pants over”.

I know that ICC was very well done, and tied us over for a long time, a really long time, but I want to know, how hard can it be? How hard can it be to design some end game content for the last three or four months before a new expansion? It wouldn’t be hard. The first thing that leaps to mind for me is something to do with the new archeology thingamebob. There’s nothing that keeps players logging on as much as a good old fashioned grind, mixed with lots of exploring around the world, (the last time we will EVER have to use a land mount), and maybe a bunch of cool rewards thrown in. They could have done a pre-archelogy thing for us. It could have taken us into old instances as well as zones, raids even, (seeing as they’re nixing Zul Gurub.) The world as we know it is going to be sent down the toilet, and yet we’re all sitting around bored with nothing to do. This was a real opportunity for Blizzard to showcase for the final time just how beautiful a world they created. And for us to participate in it with a real agenda to motivate us. It’s all too easy to say, well the world is there now, just logon and go and see it. That gets old very quick, very quick indeed. Like my ex who screamed a lot while playing hide the sausage; fascinating at first, highly fucking annoying later.

It wouldn’t have been hard for Blizzard to do this. I feel that they have dropped the ball on this one in a big way. But as long as we’re still paying our monthly fee, what the fuck do they care? It’s even better for them as we’re not taking up precious bandwidth, (boy are they going to get a rude shock once Cataclysm drops). It’s quite disappointing. I guarantee that we’ll look back on this moment as a lost opportunity to experience the old world as it once was. Maybe I’ll just run around the world naked on my hottie night elf. Could I get some sponsership like people do when they’re raising money for cancer or something equally horrible? It’s a thought.