I don’t do heirloom items. It’s just not my thing. Maybe if they were a bit more bondage like, but probably not even then. The very idea of taking the same item through 80 different levels is anathema to me. Where is the discovery of new gear, seeing what it looks like when it’s on, seeing if the stats give you something more? There is no need to look at an heirloom items stats, it’s just ticking away as you level up. It’s not boring, it’s more than that. It’s not a game. Heirlooms reduce 80 levels of going up to drudgery. The gear upgrades are the only surprising thing that can happen to you now when you level up, if you know the class that you are levelling well enough that is.

I mention this due to a post by Larisa today, (I know I am linking Larisa a bit lately, but she’s coming up with some interesting stuff that gets me thinking on my long drive down to work in the morning whilst attempting to avoid crazy truck drivers on twisty mountain roads). She blogged about this years brewfest and how it is just a few minutes of doing nothing and getting 20 gold and some frost emblems. She feels that she has been cheated on something important, namely the game.

I haven’t done this event, (I steer well clear of holiday events), but I can feel her pain. And I think a lot of us old time gamers feel it quite a bit. The risk/reward/effort ratio in WoW seems to now be completely imbalanced. There is no risk at all, there is very little effort and there are big rewards. Which makes most things, meaningless. Before you all start jumping to conclusions, please rest assured that I am not crowing to a return of the ‘good old days’, or anything of the sort. But I really think that Blizzard has lost sight of the bigger picture in this expansion, and I am writing this in the hope that they’ve realised this and will get it right for the next one.

It is often said that WoW is all about the end game. And for a while there it was. But is that truly the case now? What is the end game at the present time? If you have just hit 80, and your end game is to be based on PvE raiding, then you a limited to a single option; you must grind heroics for badges. You must run these heroics day after day in order to get the gear that will let you get into an ICC run. That is your end game right there, and it doesn’t seem like much of an end game to me. Naxx is completely out of the equation, as is Ulduar for the most part unless you’re running some specialised hard modes, which means as a new 80 you sure won’t be invited to those anyway. Trial of the whatever it is? Well, you might get in there, but lets be honest, why would you want to?

No, your only choice is to grind heriocs and the weekly raid boss to get emblems to get gear so you can run one single raid, (please don’t mention Ruby Sanctum here. This is a Ruby Sanctum free zone). This is an end game? As compared to the Burning Crusade?

The consequence of Blizzard listening to the cry baby players who wanted the raid rewards without the effort is not limited to the fact that every piece of gear is now an epic, (which just makes it common, my friends). The other big consequence is that there is no end game that is enjoyable. And this goes back to Larisa’s post: they are now limited to having to bribe us. Ruby Sanctum was a bad example of this, as is this latest Brewfest boss situation. And you feel cheated because you have been.

I am back to levelling my priest. I would prefer to be on my rogue, I really would. But the sad fact is that levelling is more rewarding these days than the end game. That is, unless you deck yourself out in heirlooms. Then you will have cheated yourself out of that part of the game as well.