The amount of night elf discrimination going on at the moment in the blogging world is a source of deep concern to me, particularly after I thought that everyone else had told me off for doing just that against the awful femo’s. Even more troubling is the fact that the racist and bigoted sentiments directed towards night elves seem to be reserved mostly for their appearence, something which I find to be abominable in the extreme. Is it my avatars fault that she has nicely curved and rounded bouncy breasts? She didn’t ask for them, and yet it is what she has. Yet she is being discriminated against for having such a volumptuous rack by the very same people who were wailing that there are no female staues in Dalaran. One wonders if they did succeed in getting a female in stone strung up before the next expansion if the statues breasts would be covered over in a puritan style. It remains to be seen.

But some of us who have night elf mains, and female night elf mains at that, are not embarassed when we flounce our way around the world. No, we take pride in our many “atributes” that other less defined races lack, who can only jeer at us in a pathetic display of badly concealed envy as we ride past them on our glorious sabre tiger mounts, our breasts bouncing in an orgasmic display of female attractiveness.

Nay, our real contempt is reserved for those who themselves possess a night elf main and yet feel that they should disparage and scorn the very image which has supported them all these years. All of these years that they have been hiding behind a stick-on avatar of a tree. But now that the tree has been stripped away, torn asunder as if a great cataclysm, (see what I did there?), had flung them down against a tide of malcontent only to leave them stranded in a form that they had always carried and yet had hated from afar, what shall they now do? Oh self-haters, what will you do now? Slink to the side and stick a paper bag over your pointy ears? Roll a worgen and delight in your hairy chest? Roll a goblin and delight in the fact that you are very fucking ugly?

Enough I say, enough! Join with me those of you who are still proud to wear your skin with pride and do not seek to change your appearence with petty operations, sorcery and botox. The Night elf Onwards Really Kinky Society, (NORKS), is now accepting members who are night elves without members and who will stand proud in the face of this racist hostility.

(A small joining fee applies which may or may not be updated on a weekly basis).

(Brought to you by the good time, great taste of fish).