After doing all that needed to be done to get my combat spec back up to speed, (regemming, reforging, respeccing, rerubbing various parts of my body), I went out into the world to kill a mammoth for the daily JC quest. I had to kill a half dozen mammoths before I got the drop, and in that time I immediately noticed something strange: they weren’t dropping very fast. Pre-patch I could drop a mammoth or any other level 80 mob by farting in its general direction. The last couple of mobs I counted out loud how long it took me to take them down. It was about six seconds. Which was weird. I went and tried a target dummy and found that I am down a little over 2K dps. This is huge. This is massive. This is the suck.

Prowling aorund the interwebs I found a lot of players saying the same thing – mastery is broken for combat. It doesn’t work. I’m not going to go into all the technical details because Chase has beaten me to it, (and did it much better than I ever could), so go and check that out for yourselves if you haven’t already done so. As Chase sums up, the two big stats for combat rogues are hit and expertise, but their caps are easily reachable. Once you’ve got there all you’re left with is haste, as crit and mastery are dead in the water for us. So if you have an item that already has haste on it you cannot reforge it.

I have always been a combat rogue from the early days of BC. When you’ve played not just a class but a spec this long it becomes a part of you. It is how you play the game. It is as natural to you as is breathing. The subtlety spec was always the broken spec, but now it seems that it has been fixed. But please tell me why they had to break combat to fix it. Luckily for me I have some daggers after my months of dagger searching for PvP earlier this year, (and a helpful tip: the ilvl264 arena daggers in the Dalran sewers can be purchased now with regular honor. Even if they are not useable for you as you do not have the required areana ranking, as soon as you purchase one you can use it now even though this is last resort stuff as you cannot reforge resiliance), so I can spec mutilate for raiding. But I don’t know if I even want to. This is not a little problem that will be fixed come level 85. Players in the Beta are reporting that it is just as bad at the level cap. And from Blizzard we are hearing sweet fuck all about a very big problem.

Blizzard today announced a new 5 man for patch 4.1 which looks like it could be very cool, (unlike Ruby Wanktum). A pity that I probably won’t be going in there. Who the hell would want me with my incredibly sucky DPS? I mean, it’s not like I’m playing a DPS class or anything now is it.