Today is Klep’s reasonable post day. This means that I am supposed to be reasonable. The funny thing is, is that I have always considered myself to be a reasonable blogger bound by the laws of reason. Which is funny in a way, since I blog about fantasy worlds. So what does reasonable mean in this context? Can you spew forth venom in a reasonable way? Can you denounce traitors, hypocrits and vegetarians in a way that could be construed as reasonable? I think that a reasonable case can be made for it.

Reason, of course, is shaped by your point of view. What may be reasonable to me may be outrageous to somebody else. Is it within reason to ask players to play the game in a reasonable way? Perhaps the next time I am running a random heroic 5 man I could ask all players at the beginning of the run to be reasonable.

Adam: “… and one other thing that I would like to add, if everyone could be reasonable during this run that would be appreciated, thank you.”

Huntard: “What do you mean reasonable?”

Adam: “Exactly what I said. You do understand English, don’t you?”

Warcock: “Is this guy a noob?”

Warrior: “I am reasonable, and so is my wife!”

There was a period called the Age of Reason. Perhaps Klep is attempting to bring that back. Who knows. I would just like players to follow these reasonable suggestions:

Reasonable suggestions number 1: Don’t suck.

Reasonable suggestions number 2: If you do suck, stay away from me.

And that, I think, is a reasonable thing to ask.