Larissa has a post up about the dude at Blizzcon who asked a question that made Metzen sweat, which in turn gained said dude internet status, which in turn caused Blizzard to put an NPC based on his clothing style in the game, which in turn caused him to become a freaking internet hero, which in turn caused everyone to roll over with their legs in the air and go awwwwwwwwwww, like when a little puppy does a cute trick.

Well, excuse fucking me for putting on my cynical hat and calling bullshit on this whole charade. I will have to briefly dip my hat at Blizzard’s marking department for this truly inspirational butt saving move after the utter disaster that was Blizzcom 2010. Way to go Blizzard for pulling the big distraction move and couple it with the “aren’t we awesome and do great stuff” ploy.

Because this is nothing but an attempt to distract attention away from the fact that this years Blizzcon sucked big fat hairy donkey balls. I was left in stunned disbelief when they released the official Cataclysm trailer a week or so before Blizzcon. What on earth were they thinking? Perhaps they hoped to distract people with the idea that if they were releasing the trailer before the main event then they must have something really, really, really epic to give us at Blizzcon. So what did they give us …?

A guy in a red shirt. Brilliant, and now everyone thinks Blizzard is cool again and just the bestest best of the bestest game company that does such cool stuff. This is after charging 15,000 people a few hundred buck s each to go and stand around for three days and hear nothing much while they purchased horribly awful offical Blizzard merchandise and while the other millions of suckers watched the event unfold on a “live” stream that spent far more time being dead than alive and got a cool and unique murlock pet that looks just like any other fucking murlock pet that has ever been in the game like fucking ever.

But hey, red shirt guy came out ahead.

Does anyone else notice that the word, ‘Blizzcon’ is actually made up of two words?