Gevlon has a post today about staying ahead of the leveling curve in Cataclysm. His reasoning is that you don’t want to be surrounded by lolkids, (lets face it, who does), and by pre-packing your quest log with 25 completed level 80 quests, (an idea orginally championed by Randy Jordan from The Instance podcast in the last expansion), you can turn in a cool 500,000xp in a couple of hours and place yourself ahead of the jibbering horde of morons who will be fighting for every quest giving mob there is, as well as trying to slice your face off if you are on a pvp server like I am.

The problem with this is that these same kids will be relentlessly leveling in the first few days. So to stay ahead of the curve you’re going to have to play at the same insane pace. Which leaves me in a bit of a quandary. I like to take my time levelling new content, to see the world and smell the roses. And after the last year of being very bored with the content, I have no great desire to roll through it at 100 miles per hour just to stay in front of the morons. I’m more than content to let the morons blow past me and then to cruise along behind them, (ganking problems notwithstanding). So this should be quite a simple choice then, right?

Not so fast. As I am no doubt you’re all well aware, the 5 mans in Cataclysm are a different breed. Crowd control has come back to the fore, trash mobs are tricky and require thought. In short, you do not want to be pugging these. On top of that, I love Gevlon’s guild, The PUG. The quality of player is outstanding and the noise level is very low. It’s always a distinct pleasure to play with these guys and gals, ( I did a wintergrasp match with them on the weekend, and it was the best lead and followed run in that pvp hellhole that I have ever seen), so for me I very much want to do the 5 mans with them while I am levelling up. But to do that I will most probably need to stay in front of the curve.

It’s a very tough call. Do I rush through the content to keep up with my guildies, or do I go at my own pace and risk having to PuG the 5 mans? Even if I could talk some guildies into taking it easy, we most probably would not stay at the same level to be able to run instances together. I suspect that I will have to stay in front of the curve and roll an alt later to enjoy all the new content. It makes me sad though, as I really hate having to rush through stuff.