I just love me a bit of blogging furore. There’s been a good juicy one this week, when some hunter blogger who also writes for the decidingly high intellect publication called wowinsider, (which will probably be changing its name again next week), admitted to being a bit of a dick but with good reason. This led to some other blogger getting her knickers in a twist and preaching from the lofty heights of her trusty steed. It also led to calls for him to be fired from his paid gig at wowinsider. It doesn’t get much juicier than this. We’re talking a ripe plum here.

The part of this that I find most hilarious is the thought that bloggers need to be held to some standard of which normal mortals do not have to purvey themselves. Chastity wrote a 3000 word dissertation on this topic, and among the many points in his post, (I particularly liked the asshole chicken bit), he covered the following two points as regards to this issue:

What are these so called standards, and who is it that is setting them?

The correct answer is that there are none and nobody is up to the job.

I really love this bullshit theory of holding a certain segment of a population to a different behavior code. In the case of blogging, what it would have to assume is that the reader does not have the necessary intelligence to be able to determine right from wrong by themselves. Their blogger hero worship means that they blindly follow all advice coming from said blog. You let these people down at your peril, (that is if you actually give a shit). Because when you finally say or do something that even they in their blind hero worship are able to identify as unacceptable, then the shit really hits the fan. They feel a keen sense of betrayal. And they have a dim awareness of feeling stupid. Didn’t they blindly follow your every word? If you are actually a mere mortal then you could have made a mistake somewhere else! And they would have followed it, aceepting it as the truth! Oh noes!! Time to get out the pitchforks and have us a good old fashioned public hanging.

People who think this way, who believe that “public figures” should be set up on a lofty perch as an example of a behavioral code, (Lets face it – if you’re basing your own standards of behavior on a hunter blogger then you need some serious help), are what Gevlon refers to as M&S. It’s the old chestnut of absolving yourself of your own responsibility by deferring it to an unwilling third party.

If any of you are doing that with me then good fucking luck.