I got an email yesterday asking what I was doing with regards to my rogue PvP spec seeing that everyone and his dog has respecced to a Sub spec. So I jumped online and began wandering around the new world. If you play on a PvP server, (and if you don’t then why the fuck aren’t you?), now is a great time for world PvP. Everyone is out doing the same thing as you – checking out the new changes. I’ve been jumped a few times by chickens running around in pairs, but so far I’ve only been killed once. Even if you get surprised and jumped, a quick use of your PvP trinket, drop cloak of shadows, vanish away, and you are good. Although you may have problems if you’re up against a hunter with his pet as vanish is having some issues there lately, (the new patch supposedly fixed this but I have yet to bump into a hunter to find out for myself). Then you just circle back, sap one of them and go to town. So you must be thinking that I’m using a Sub spec, right?

Fuck no. Here’s a little secret from your friendly Mutilate using rogue – the new patch upped our damage a shit-tonne. Expect to get nerfed, but right now get out there and enjoy it. Lets have a look at the new patch notes:


* Deadly Poison base damage and attack power coefficient have been increased by 30%.

* Recuperate now restores 2% of maximum health, down from 3%.

* Venomous Wounds base damage and attack power coefficient have been increased by 30%.

o Aggression now increases damage of Sinister Strike, Backstab, and Eviscerate by 7/14/20%, up from 5/10/15%.
o Bandit’s Guile now gives 10/20/30% increased damage as the rogue gains greater insight, up from 5/10/15%.

o Executioner no longer affects Recuperate.

Bug Fixes
o Bandit’s Guile now applies more consistently to all of the abilities it’s supposed to modify.
o Player guardians and temporary pets now stop attacking when a rogue uses Vanish, but city guards will not

So it looks like Mastery is now working very nicely for Mutilate rogues, particularly seeing as envenom scales with potent poisons . Dump all of your crit for mastery right now. You want to be using deadly/instant for your poisons as wound is quite crap at this point. Rupture is awesome with the buff to venemous wounds. And unless they fix backstab I can’t see Sub being a viable PvP spec at endgame, particularly for arena play. The talent build that I recommend for Mutilate is this one.

There is almost no information regarding this at the present time that I can find on the interwebs. And remember that this is just what I have been able to ascertain from experimenting in-game. So if you have anything to add or if you think that I’m wrong in any areas, please don’t hesitate to jump in and say so.