Some of my regular readers might remember that there was a bit of a shit-storm on my blog and others back in August/September. Apparently somebody said, knickers, and then someone else said, knot, and then all hell broke loose. And then it quietened down and we all forgot about it. Which is how things work in the blogging world. But then I read a post over at those who have righteous orbs, and I found myself having a fair good old chuckle. If you remember, it was Tam and Chastity who were accusing me of being an everythingphobe. So it was with great mirth that I read this little gem by Tam:

“… A good, if slightly frivolous, example of this in action is the film Brokeback Mountain. Now, I don’t like it. Unfortunately most of the other people who don’t like it are hysterical bigots who don’t like it because it dares depict dudes gettin it on.”

So once again his approach is to stick almost everyone in the bigot box if they happen to not like something. No surprises there, and not even worthy of further comment. That is until you get to this beauty a few lines later:

“… Now I just don’t like it because it’s boring. I think it’s a bad film … Unfortunately it’s very difficult to admit that you don’t like Brokeback Mountain because the only accepted reason for disliking Brokeback Mountain is that you’re a homophobe …”

Yeah, you’re so right, Tam. It really does suck to be labelled and stuck in the bigot box that quickly, doesn’t it.