After yesterdays post detailing my major noobness, now today you get the epic version. You see, I was all convinced that Cataclysm was going live on Tuesday night, not fucking Monday night. I can’t tell you how peeved I was this morning. Ok, I can tell you, I was fucking peeved man.

A few notes for those perhaps waiting to get in:

Upon stepping foot in your factions capital city you immediately get a messaged quest to take you to one of the new level 80 zones. And it is very nicely done. Though the boat is a bit slow.

My turtle mount is proving to be so awesome it’s not even possible to describe it.

I replaced one of my ICC epic axes with a board with a nail driven into it. Talk about bringing you back to earth.

Lets be honest, nobody is going to read this, you’re all in Cataclysm.