They say bad things come in three’s; well yesterday I had my third moron moment in three days. This one is pretty bad, and pretty darn embarassing. I was questing in Vashj’ir and while attempting to avoid the serious imbalance on our PvP server of horde vs alliance, (at some quest hubs I was by myself and surrounded by 20 odd horde), I noticed a new mining node. Now nothing screams make cash on the first day of a long awaited expansion than a new node, so I swam down to get it and …

And I hadn’t fucking finished levelling my mining. It was at 360, and the node needed 425 to mine it. There have been a lot of blog posts lately about preparing yourself for Cataclysm, well, I didn’t read them obviously. I spent 3o minutes questing and attempting to ignore the fact that there were nodes and nobody was mining them, until I could stand it no longer. I hearthed back to Stormwind, (at least I had set that up long ago), wandered down to the docks and got the boat to Borean Tundra. Then it was a long slow ride whilst searching for cobalt nodes. Slowly my skill level crept up. I went right across the continent to the Howling Fjiord area and was doing a nice if boring lap of ore collecting when disaster struck:

Guild chat: Adam Achieves exploring Howling Fjiords!

Oh shit, I thought to myself. Now everyone is going to wonder what the fuck I am doing here. And literally seconds later I got a whisper from Gevlon:

“What are you doing in the fjiords?”

Which you have to admit is a pretty fair fucking question. I needed to buy some time, or at least avoid answering this, so I replied:

“It’s a long and embarassing story.”

Which it was. Gevlon was not to be put off, however. Like a dog with a bone he just wouldn’t let go:

“Forgot to set your hearthstone?” he whispered.

Well, I wasn’t that stupid. Forgot to set my hearthstone?? Of course not! I did that ages ago!

“I forgot to level mining so I’m doing it now.”

There I said it. His reply surprised me somewhat. I can’t quote it from memory, but it was essentially along the lines of, yeah that was a bit dumb but at least you’re buckling down and doing it now. I replied that I couldn’t leave all those new nodes lying around, and he agreed. “You’re doing the wise choice,” was his parting whisper. You can’t get fairer than that when you discover you have an economic dweeb in your guild.

So I maxed it out and then back to Vashj’ir. Here’s a big helpful tip; to get there the first time you take a boat ride which is a one-off instanced event. To return on subsequent visits you need to use the portal found in your capital city. In stormwind it is on the little island where you get the quest in the first place to get there. I picked up a couple of stacks of new ore last night while questing. And I was having a nice time until I got blocked by the most stupid fucking quest in the history of the world and the universe and everything. God, why do they make quests like these??

Undersea Inflation has you collecting air in a ballon bag. There are undersea vents that give air and they sparkle in the usual way so that you know they are the right ones. However, when you take the quest unless you notice, (which i failed to), they also give you a little balloon which goes in your bags ands you need to use this to get the air. I however, was simply standing on fucking vents for 20 minutes trying to work out how to do the fucking thing. It didn’t help that the first time I attempted it I got a little bit of air in this way, (I abandoned the quest in dispair a few times), so I assumed that standing in some magical way on the vents was the way to go. I only found out how to do it this morning when I logged on and took the quest again. And you can’t not do the quest: the questing in these new zones is very linear. You have to complete each line to get the next one. It is also very phased, so good luck doing it with friends or guildies if you aren’t all at the same stages.

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t have a post detailing just how stupid I have been. Happy 2nd day Cataclysming everyone.