So inspired by Chewy’s idea of promoting our own idiocy, I am launching a noisyrogue productions initiative which will celebrate our own stupidity. It’s very simple: you tell us how stupid you have been while playing WoW and we will all agree with you. This is a little different from Gevlon’s persecution of the inept in the fact that by looking at how dumb we all have been, then perhaps we can learn both to not be so dumb in the future and also to maybe, just maybe understand a little bit better those dumb-asses that we encounter in our gaming travels.

I considered just having the comments section as a way to communicate our stupid moments, but then I realised that it will just drop from the most viewed and eventually be forgotten. So how this will work is that you email me your stupid moments, the more stupid the better, and whenever I get enough, or even one that is so stupid it is worthy of its own post, then I will make a post about how stupid you all are. This way it will periodically go to the front page and my readership will be reminded to look themselves in the eye and ask themselves whether or not they should write in about that little episode of stupidity that they have recently done, to their shame.

A reminder that this is a celebration of stupidity. While we are all free to agree that yes, someone has indeed been very fucking stupid, nasty attacks and general trolling will be dealt with by a liberal use of the IP address banhammer. This post is not for you all to start giving me examples of your stupidity, so please stop. Instead I would value any imput on how we can make this idea better.

Benevolent Dictator & founding member of The Stupids.