I’m a little lost for words at this. Lockpicking no longer requires you to level it – it scales 5 points with each level increase that you gain. So the maximum lockpicking for Cataclysm is 425 and you don’t have to do anything to get it. You don’t have to open a single box. You don’t have to pick a single mobs pocket to get said box. You don’t have to open a single door. I’m very disappointed. And old school rogues will immediately understand why. It’s not a question of pining in a wine-veiled view of past nostalgia, nor is it a, “Back in my day, we had to actually open boxes”, Old Man Franks lecturing the newbies from the outside porch.

Lockpicking was the one true way to immediately know if a rogue had a possibility of actually being any damn good. If a player hadn’t put the time and effort into lockpicking, then he most very probably hadn’t put the time and effort into other places as well. It was a sign of a good rogue. It was our way to know if you were part of the club. It was also a sign for other classes as well. Hey johnrogue, can you open this box for me please? Soz, I hasnt lvld that lol. /kick.

This is not a good thing for me, it is just another sign of a game being dumbed down. There was no reason to take the training aspect of lockpicking away apart from the obvious catering to lazy fucking morons who complain at actually having to, you know, put some dreaded effort into something once in a while. Honestly, if Blizzard have done this then I’m not holding much hope for this expansion. You can make all the groovy new zones and new races and new battlegrounds and 5 mans and raids that you want. But if the core elements are wrong then it’s all going to be a big pile of doo-doo. Making lockpicking an automatic skill after 6 years of us having to put some effort into it is fucked up.

update on The Stupids: I received a few emails from you detailing your epic stupidity, but more are needed in order to make a decent post on this. So send them in when you find yourself shaking your head at how dumb you have just been. We promise not to laugh at you … too much.