After my post on Monday using my old D&D game experience of having the players captured by slavers with no choice in the matter, (and all the bad gameplay that that entails), it was somewhat ironic when I stepped into Uldum last night for the first time and … was captured by slavers with no choice in the matter in a giant cut scene. My wife asked me what I was laughing so hard about. I said there was a funny looking gnome …

I sat through it and then watched while the chick in the cage with me picked the lock, (I suppose I could have offered to help but it wasn’t an option), and then I was told to talk to the funny cat guy. Oh gee, here we go again. Step onto the giant railroad. At that exact moment I got jumped by a horde mage who was shooting me with ice arrow thingys from a great distance, a truely astounding feat of bravery. With the stamina health pools as big as there are now, I literally had time to scratch my bottom and pick my nose before I casually cast Cloak of Shadows and vanished. The mage did what all stupid players do when a rogue vanishes – they run over and start casting AoE spells where you had been standing. Any rogue worth their salt has immediately moved a few meters to the left or right in a random alignment direction. It’s fun to watch them jump around, (why do they always seem to have to jump when casting an AoE spell in this way?), while we sit to the side doing our hair. Then he got bored of this so I moved in and game him a nice little sap. This is a brilliant thing to do because once the sap wears off they start the jumping AoE game all over again in the very same place.

Except I discovered that there is a very nasty bug in Uldum, particularly for rogues. Every minute or so you enter combat for about 3 seconds and then you leave combat again. Which as a rogue breaks your stealth. I hadn’t killed the mage due to the other 4 horde that were standing around the quest-giver. Then suddenly I found myself in combat and knocked out of stealth in the middle of them all with vanish still on cooldown. For some reason the mage didn’t see me and I managed to hide beind a piller and go back into stealth. Only to be popped out of stealth 30 seconds later by suddenly going into combat again. I jumped on my flying mount and took off. I didn’t feel like being rail-roaded so I went to see if I could find another quest-giver. I discovered the 5 man entrance in a city in the clouds, but of quest-givers there was no sign. And as I was still suffering this combat bug I decided that I had had enough of Uldum for the evening. I took off for Twilight Highlands as everyone in guild chat had been saying how awesome it is. Except that I am still level 83 and Twighlight Highlands is a no go area for me. I can’t believe that they have designed every single quest zone in this rail-road style. The only choice I had was to level by archeology or go back to the Outlands-reject of Deepholm which I hate. I put in a ticket to a GM explaining that Uldum is fucked and then I logged.

Our guild, The PuG, now has over 150 seperate accounts and we’re usually seeing about 40 players online. I’ve never been in a guild with so many top class players as this, it’s quite astounding at times. I strongly recommend you to come and join if you’re having trouble finding a good guild, particularly if you’re on a server offering free transfers at the moment.