There’s an article on the BBC news website this morning which details some new body armor for the groin area for British combat troops in Afghanistan. Frankly, I’ve always wondered why they didn’t come up with this sooner. I mean, if there’s one place that a bloke wants to keep protected it’s ‘down there’. We’ve had ball protecters in cricket for years but the army have now finally caught up. So why I am bothering to blog abut this? What is the point, I hear you asking. Let me include a little snippet from the forementioned article:

“… The protective underpants are known as “tier 1” of the protective system, with the second layer, or “combat codpiece”, simply known as “tier 2″ by the MoD’s equipment boffins.”

“… MOD scientists and industry are still working on Tier 3 of the system, which is expected to be issued to those performing the most dangerous tasks such as bomb-detection and disposal.”

Methinks that somebody working at the Ministry of Defense plays World of Warcraft. Anyway, they’re a bit behind – we’re up to Tier 11 already.