I was listening to the latest episode of the Warcast Lounge podcast, (I’ll review them when they have a few more episodes under their belt), when I heard something that made me choke on my XO cognac in a somewhat undignified manner. If you wish to hear it for yourself it’s towards the end of the podcast around the final 15 minute mark. They are talking about rolling on loot in the new 5 mans. I’m going to have to summerise what Chris, who is one of the two hosts, was talking about.

He is a DPS druid but is a tank on his off spec. He was queuing as a tank so he could avoid the long queues but then rolling need on DPS gear because that is his main spec. His justification is that if tanks and healers like him weren’t queuing in those specs then the queues would be even longer.

I kind of find this attitude a little fucking unbelievable. In essence he is saying that we should be thankful that he is rolling need on DPS gear while he queued as a tank because if it weren’t for players like him then we would have to wait even longer. Well, I don’t know about you other DPS out there, but I’ll take a longer queue with no healers and tanks needing on DPS gear than a “shorter” queue, (which is still 40 minutes long), and watching the one DPS drop go to the tank.

Apparently he doesn’t want to have to put up with a long queue as a DPS player, but he’s perfectly happy to take DPS items away from other DPS players who did have to wait for 40 minutes. If you queue in a certain role then you should only be able to roll need on items associated with that role, (and to be fair, the other host, Ryan, said exactly that). If you aren’t prepared to wait 40 minutes then by all means jump in as a tank. But don’t expect the DPS who did wait, (and who don’t have a choice to queue as a tank or healer), to then be happy when you roll need on DPS drops.

I find this attitude to be the height of doucebaggery. Yeah I’m going to roll need on your DPS drop, but hey; you didn’t have to wait as long in the queue because of me! You should be grateful, pal!

I don’t fucking think so.