There has been quite a bit written about the new fortune cards in the blogging world recently. As a long time, (and once semi-professional), poker player I have read these with interest and a wry grin. The grin is because everyone has been getting it wrong. Until yesterday a read an excellent post on this matter over at the Gnomes of Zurich. It seems that The Gnome is a poker player as well. I assume that a lot of what he writes about will go ever most peoples heads who haven’t studied the world of probability in gambling. Terms such as Expected Value, Variance, and most importantly, Bankroll Management. I’m not going to go into this here, you can read the linked post for that. What I want to do is explore how this unique opportunity can be exploited for a lot of gold.

One of my guildies in the PuG is a scribe, and he has been selling these cards in trade chat to good effect almost since the first day of Cataclysm. But to really take in a lot of gold from gamblers who do not understand how the laws of probability work, you need to do things on a bigger scale. You always have to make people feel good about losing their money. That way they keep coming back to loose even more. And the best thing that you can do to promote this is to do it in a party atmosphere. And an even better way to do this is to have some form of club. Socials want to be part of the “in” crowd. And nothing screams more in than the first ever player run casino in WoW.

Here is how it could work. Choose an empty building in your city, (I’m going to use Stormwind for this example). The one that I like best is the inn that most players set their hearthstone to just in front of the AH. You will need a spruiker in trade chat to drum up business and get players to come to the casino. Then you need to create the mood – each scribe will be sitting at a table. They are the “Blackjack Tables” as it were. A great idea would be to have some semi-naked female Night Elves wandering around serving drinks. Perhaps a doorman as well. The trick is that this is a pary atmosphere. Then the customers can sit down and purchase the fortune cards from the scribes. Have someone planted in the crowd who “wins” 5000 gold. Keep the chat flowing and the fun happening. Keep more players arriving. And at the end organise a split after costs with the other players who helped with the setup.

If you do it at the same time every day or every week then you will start to get regular customers to hand over their gold. So come to our casino! I’m the hottie night elf serving scotch.