Yesterday I hit 85 on my main, (after getting fried to a crisp by Deathwing without warning in the Twilight Highlands), and so immediately began checking out the weapon situation. I had noticed during my levelling process that while there were a large number of 2.60 speed weapons, the only weapon I had found under 1.60 was a single dagger. So this morning I jumped on wowhead to see the situation for myself. Let me now list for you all the fast offhand weapons that there are in game that are not dagger which us rogues can use:

There are none.

Okay, so that was pretty simple. Now lets have a list at what the dagger options are. Here is the full list on wowhead. As you can see it’s a pretty slim list. The only really easy weapon to grab on that list is the Throat Slasher which can be purchased for 950 Justice Points. As a combat rogue, this should be your first purchase as main hands are so easy to come by at this point. The rest of the daggers on this list are randoms drops, apart from the green dagger which can be found on a quest but you’d have to be pretty desperate to use that one. I don’t know why there is such a huge shortage of weapons that are fast offhands in the game. And it seems very strange that there is not one axe, sword, fist or mace that is a fast offhand. Good luck on these drops because they are going to be very hard to get and every rogue and his pet goat will be wanting one. My pet goats name is Harold.