Please leave.

This is the new phrase to tell somebody that they suck and that they should leave a 5 man group. Its economy of words do not betray the fact that it is a most efficient put-down and insult. In its brevity is communicated the fact that the person being told to leave is beneath the merit of having further words devoted to any explanation. I have seen it said after an hour together in an instance. I have seen it said after a first wipe. Behind those two words lie something like this:

“I cannot be bothered to type any more to tell you that you suck. I can’t even be bothered to press a button to call a vote to kick you from the group. So just do us all a favor and take care of your own demise yourself and save us all the trouble of having to put up with your continued existence.”

The ironic thing in all of this is that in most of the cases that I have seen so far in cataclysm of this sort, the person using these two words is the one that either should be leaving themselves or should be working on improving their own performance. While on the one hand I applaud Blizzard’s return to having Heroics as a test of teamwork and skill, (as they were in Burning Crusade), I am also somewhat dumbfounded as to why they would do this. Because with this decision they have made maybe 20% of their playerbase happy, (the figure is probably too high), but they have confused and pissed off the remaining 80% who flourished in the Wrath of the Lich King world of run in and zerg every mob in sight. I ran a half dozen heroic PuGs over the weekend, and I will not be running any more of them again. These players cannot handle the fact that they may be lacking in something, (skill, ability, knowledge, intelligence, take your pick). A wipe for them is not an opportunity to learn something; it is a complete failure that must be blamed on another player.

I ran Heroic Deadmines for the first time on the weekend. I stated at the beginning of the run that this was my first run in it. I attempted to glance quickly at wowhead while we were in it to check boss tactics but it was almost impossible due to the speed of the run. We got to the Mechanical Harvest boss and our first attempt went okay – we got him down to about 20% and then we wiped. As melee DPS I was on the boss. Looking at the notes online it seemed that I would be better on the harvester but that was what they wanted. It’s a difficult boss to stay close to the first time with his rushes and cleaves but I managed. We started the 2nd attempt and I made a miscalculation on his harvest ability and I died. A mistake, but one that can be learned from. Instead I got a “fail rouge” from the healer. He couldn’t even spell it properly. And then I got the “please leave”.

I am sure that all of you reading this have many, many, more examples of ignorance of this type. The Wrath mindset is even difficult to break for quite a few guildies that I have seen. Mistakes are equated with failure. As any good teacher knows, mistakes are an opportunity to learn. If they are treated as a failure then students will cease to take risks for fear of ridicule or punishment. They will stay safely cocooned in their limited knowledge, prefering that to the fear of risking a mistake. The new content is very good, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed and tweaked but overall it is a great improvement on Wrath. But I fear that the playerbase is irriversibly broken. And slowly but surely I am seeing good players being broken down by this and leaving the game. And when most of the good players are gone, then all the lolkids will only have each other to play with. And then the game will come to a shuddering halt as they will leave in droves without the good players to carry them through.

Please leave. It will become prophetic.