So how about this for a new years resolution:

Move back to the other side of the world.

Which is what my wife and I are doing. We’re leaving the freezing confines, (and economic and tax misery), of the Italian Alps and heading back to the sunny beaches of Australia. You know it baby! That’s the good news. The bad news is that my computer will be following me on a boat, and will probably arrive, who knows when. I will be able to have access to the internet obviously in Australia, but until my gaming rig arrives I won’t have access to any online games. Goddamit, I may have to actually go outside and talk to people. The horror!

So, Sunday will be my last day online in WoW for quite a bit. If you see me you might want to follow me around as I could suddenly give everyone my gold in a spontaneous fit of insanity. My blogging will continue, do not worry about that. However I will have to plumb my topics from looking at hot chicks on the beach. I’m sure you’ll stick around, (particularly with my secret camera that I got for Christmas, heh heh).