The PuG has downed its second boss in the new raid, which is a great achievemnt at this stage. The problem that Gevlon is having is finding DPS to fill raid spots. Tanks and healers we have in abundance, but geared DPS are hard to find. There are a few reasons for this that I believe I have identified.

A tank has instant queue times in heroic 5 mans. Healers have to wait a little bit longer, but not that much. The wait for a DPS is around 40 minutes. Lets say that you wait those 40 minutes and then get into a bad group that falls apart or that kick you for asking them to actualy play properly. Now you’re back to another 40 minute wait. With gear from justice points requiring about 7 heroic runs each to obtain, this is a bit of a problem. Now I know that rep grinding and buying gear can help you to fill gear slots, but the fact remains that tanks and healers have had a much better time of it with regards to getting gear. Which is why there are so many more of them ready to raid at this early stage.

A normal reaction now would be to tell the DPS to forget pugging 5 mans and organise guild runs. However, with Gevlon’s awesome idea of reducing the difficulty of heroics by taking 2 healers and 2 DPS, he reduced the possibility of DPS getting on guild runs by 33%. If guilds need DPS on their raids at this early stage then I think they are going to have to start running DPS through the heroics that they need for the items they are seeking. And obviously those pesky tanks should maybe not roll need on DPS gear for their offspec …