Bloggers, and WoW bloggers in particular, are a funny breed. Not funny as in, haha, grandma got her left tit caught in the mangle, but more as in, funny-weird. We’re weird because most of the time, the only ones who are listening to what we have to say are ourselves. I like to think of us as the time warp bloggers. We wish that we were blogging about four years ago, when WoW actually had a community, and when the game was being made with us as the principle target group. I think that a lot of bloggers are coming to the awful conclusion, (for some of them), that no matter what Mr T says, WoW isn’t their game anymore. And this happening will be a sure fire sign for Blizzard that their expansion is a complete success.

Because it’s not meant for us. We’re not part of the plan. It’s meant for 14 year olds who have problems with information retention, want to be rewarded with a shiny for every in-game act, and can only be satisfied when performing rote tasks. So I’m going to think of the next year as an experimental year. I’m going to try lots of games and try if i can discover something that is fun, rewarding and interesting to play which captures my imagination. As opposed to logging on to an online job that you have to pay for.

I think for many bloggers that this is an unwelcome idea. As a blogger, the big thing that WoW has got going for it is the size of the audience. Bloggers feed off hit numbers for some reason. It’s a supposed measure of how popular you are. But for all my daily hits, I have a dozen or so commentators who I can name and whose opinions matter to me. The rest is nice, but it’s just numbers with no real meaning. I arrived in Australia on Friday, and the last two weeks have thrown me around a bit, taken their toll on my energy reserves. And I won’t have my gaming rig for some time yet. So I’ve been reading books. Swimming in the pool. Enjoying the warmth. The blog will remain, but as a general gaming blog. So if you have me down as a WoW rogue blogger, I’m just letting you know that I won’t be going there much anymore, (unless wow insider comes up with something really juicy and stupid).

I’ll miss my rogue. She was hot, the crazy little scamp. But the rogue class has too many joys for me to abandon, so you can rest assured that in the future, if a rogue class is available in a game I’m playing, that’s who I’ll be.