Reading Tobold’s latest post, which is about some weird form of morality this time, I’m beginning to think that this is all a con. Nobody can truly write things like;

“… The position to play only DPS and refuse to ever play another role only works because *other* people are willing to tank and heal.”

and be expected to be taken seriously. So either he has had a minor stroke and we’re not aware of it yet, or he’s doing this deliberately to get a rise. I’ve seen this in the past, where a blogger will write something supposedly deliberately inflammatory only to come out later and proudly state that he was doing it all on purpose to show everyone how silly there were in actually believing that crap, and that his greater plan had been to actually show by our collective outrage that the moon is indeed made of cheese. Everyone then lets out a sigh of relief and congratulates said blogger on being so “clever” and we can then all get back to picking on warlocks.

The problem with this, however, is that this tactic can also be used by a blogger when he realises that he has been a complete fucking idiot but doesn’t have the stones to admit that he had been wrong. Thus he can pretend that he had been taking such a silly stance on purpose to teach us all some greater wisdom, when in fact we had been dead right all along in calling him bad names.

There is no way to tell any difference between these two tactics. Luckily for me I consider them both equally irrelevant and vacuous, and thus I can safely place the blogger in the box marked, “dipshit”. However, many other readers can get suckered in by these tactics, and thus believe the blogger to be much smarter and honest than they actually are. There has been a bit of noise lately in the video game blogging world bemoaning the lack of any type of decent gaming journalism, mostly due to the fact that many writers secret wet dream is to work in the gaming industry itself. Thus, they don’t ask the hard questions, nor approach a topic from an unbiased viewpoint. I have pointed this out in the past with my review of the Twisted Nether Podcast, (click the podcast tab on the right to find it). When they interview a blogger, a question that is always asked is, “if you could ask Blizzard for anything what would it be?” And far and away the most common response is, a job. Which as I pointed out is fucking pathetic. I agree that bloggers need to lift their game if they are to be taken seriously. And one of the fundamentals of journalism is that you stand by what you write. Trying to trick the reader by pretending to give them some hidden moral lesson is dishonest, and eventually the writer will be exposed for the cur that they are.

Based on Tobold’s last two posts, I have been able to come to the conclusion that he is a moron. It remains to be seen if he is also a dishonest one.