I’ve been having some email correspondence with other bloggers lately regarding either their lack of desire to write anything or their growing despair that many good bloggers are choosing to shut up shop. I personally think that we are at somewhat of a low-point for MMORPG’s, perhaps even the lowest point since their inception. A great many players who inhabit the blogging world are disillusioned. But I believe that in uninspiring times it is our responsibility to rise to the occasion and inspire others. It is all too easy to write when things are going well and we are enjoying the gaming experience. But when things are not going so well it requires more effort to try and identify what the problems are and to write about them without seeming like we are constantly belittling something which we are supposedly passionate about.

So to that end I want to point you to some wonderful posts which I have dug up this morning. Some of these are a long read, but I feel that they are well worth it.

MMORPG’s and old school RPG’s by the Big Bear Butt Blogger.

MMO’s were orginally designed to be shared social experiences by Wolfshead.

Where to find friends in WoW of today by Larissa at the Pink Pigtail Inn.