I was a bit upset when Righteous Orbs shut up shop a while back. I mean, who would I be able to make fun of now? But then I remembered Tobold was still around, so I felt better. But apparently Tamarind, one of the righteous bloggers, has set up shop at The Pink Pigtail Inn with Larisa, so the fun never stops! Particularly with the wall of text that was posted last week by Tam and that elicited his legion of delirious followers to dance around clapping their hands with joy and begging him to come back and start writing wall of texts again, which is funny as he is already doing that. His post consists of thousands of words of random thoughts and ideas that seem to follow the theme that bullying is bad but bigger bloggers are no different to smaller bloggers because they have no control over the actions of their dedicated frothing at the mouth readership, which then finishes with a nice summing up announcing that if you can’t take the heat then don’t step into the ring.


He also slipped a bit in there calling out people who need to learn to write, not necessarily learn to read, which is supremely disingenuous when you consider his and Chastity’s own epic failure of learning to read on this very blog a little while ago.

I’ve always found it very strange, this soul searching hand wringing with regards to bullying when taken with some of the measures that Tam and Chastity take to get their own point across. Can you have a lofty moral ground and still think that the ends justify the means? They seem to think so. Particularly as the two of them always had a smug little conceit to hide behind, in that they are supposedly two separate writers who sometimes have wildly different viewpoints and approaches that happen to write on the same blog. Which means that they can play good cop/bad cop and then innocently claim that the others viewpoint is not their own when called out on it. A common line when reading these two goes something like this:

“… Also I think the post you’re referencing with reference to Frostheim was written by Chas, not by me.”

Which I copied and pasted from the comments on their latest post. It really is a convenient way to keep everybody wrong-footed. I mean, who really is going to go back and check if this is true or not? And notice that he wrote, ‘I think’, just in case he gets caught out. Oh gee, I got confused myself, I actually did write that post! And all of it done with a fake humbleness and self depreciating manner:

“… I, err, have no claims to being a loss to the blogosphere. I’m just someone who wrote some stuff once.”

Awwwwww .. sniffles.

Which is just complete crap, as is Tam’s claim that you must stand by what you write. Oh really? Well, in that post he makes a quite nasty dig at Matticus, who he accuses of throwing his subscriber numbers around with a huge e-peen attached to it. Lo and behold, Matticus shows up in the thread and calls Tam out on this. Tam’s response?

“… @Matticus

It was a frivolous aside – I just thought it was a funny comment.”

Now that’s what I call standing behind what you write.

If you read the comments to that post you will find a few people calling Tam out, Suicidal Zebra and Oestrus wade in with some hard hitting criticism. Tam tries to defend himself in his passive “I just want everyone to like me” way. But when that doesn’t work out too well, who could it be riding to Tam’s rescue and entering in a blaze of glory spewing rhetoric? Why it’s Chastity, what a surprise! Well not really, because where there is one you know the other is going to arrive sooner or later.

Which brings me to something that struck me as really weird. When reading Tam’s post I came to this part:

“… I’m reminded, in fact, of an old post of Chas’s in which he is a total and irredeemable twat to a group of strangers but it’s hard to condemn him for it because he’s gone to such trouble to make sure we could all relate to the awfulness of the pugees.”

The part that is weird is the subject pronoun he uses for Chastity. Because I was under the distinct impression that Tam had publicly stated that Chastity was a girl. There are only three possible explanations that can work here:

1. Tam is deliberately mixing up the pronouns so we are never sure what we are dealing with. It’s a tactic designed to keep people off balance and afraid of making a mistake.

2. Chastity is in fact a boy and I am mistaken.

3. Tam forgot that Chastity is supposed to be a girl because Chastity is in fact an imaginary person that Tam has made up so he can revert to being a frothing at the mouth maniac in public whenever it suits him.

I wonder which one it is.