I have to admit at being taken completely by surprise by the negative reaction to my review of Garona’s rogue guide the other day. And at the beginning I felt vaguely uneasy: was I selling out? Did they have a point? But after a little introspection I was content in the knowledge that my motives were clear – someone had asked me to review something, I had accepted, found it to be good, and reported as such. So why such a hostile response, particularly from people who have been following me for quite a while and through some fairly messy situations?

Then I looked at the situation from a different angle; would I have read this guide, in other words paid for it, if Garona hadn’t put me up to it? I immediately knew that the answer would be in the negative. So why is that? It could have something to do with the very poor reputation of people trying to sell gold-making and levelling guides. We all know the immediate image that these conjure, and I am sure that reading this you already have certain websites in mind. Could these types of sites have poisoned the well so completely so as to spoil it for everyone else?

The answer is tied up with Gevlon’s post from yesterday titled, ‘The Smell of the M&S.’ In it he described a situation where someone applying for the guild gave off certain behavioural patterns of being a moron and a slacker, but on closer inspection, (due to Gevlon not being quite sure), he discovered that the person could well in fact be just the sort of player that he is always looking for. A lot of people give me grief for being a so called, “blind Gevlon supporter”, but the fact of the matter is that he has certain qualities that I hold highly in a person: he admits when he is wrong and is not afraid of doing so, he asks for help when he doesn’t know something, and he does his best to learn from his mistakes. This post was an excellent example of this in action.

Gevlon is discovering that people cannot be easily placed in one of two extremes, ie black and white. They are all made up of differing shades of grey and it is our responsibility to dig deeper and discover the true reality. What holds for people also holds for situations, as in Garona’s rogue raiding guide. We are clouded by our preconceptions and prejudices, and this can cause us to misread a situation, which could result in missed opportunity. Taking the time to dig deeper is taking power into our own hands. Instead of relying on what we have found in the past, or simply relying on what others opinions are, we make the effort to find out for ourselves. It is all too easy to just sit back and throw aspersions from within our nice safe bubble of experiences. Breaking out of that bubble is key to having your own power in life.