The test notes for patch 4.1 have some pretty jaw dropping changes lined up for rogues. Not only do rogues have no movement penalty when stealthed, but with the revised nightstalker talent a rogue will have no cooldown on stealth at all. Not only that but with nightstalker a rogue will move 10% faster when stealthed, which also stacks with sprint. Which means that a rogue will be able to catch a mounted player while in stealth. Think about that for a moment; a rogue will be able to catch a mounted player while in stealth. That’s unbelievable.

These changes will have a few effects. PvE won’t see any big changes, particularly for combat rogues who are normally better off starting a fight while out of stealth anyway. It will definitely make manoeuvring into position while stealthed much easier, particularly so with Tricks of the Trade having its range extended from 20 to 100 yards. But the real changes will be in the PvP environment. These buffs are going to make rogues the most feared class in battlegrounds and arenas. There will be no reason at all for a rogue not to be stealthed at all times. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I think these changes have been poorly thought out. Rogue players are going to have a fantastic time with these improved abilities, but everyone else will have a giant headache. I cannot for the life of me think why this is being implemented. Were rogues broken that much in PvP? If this change is coming in to counter other classes being too powerful in respect to rogues then where does it stop? Why not bring other classes back into line? But that is not fun. The classes that have been nerfed will cry and wail, and thus we are locked into a continuous inflation of ability powers.

The only reason that I could maybe, just maybe think of for this change to stealth is to attract more people to play the most under represented class. If that is the case then this change will definitely boost rogue numbers on the battlefield. Experienced rogue players however will have a field day with this change. We are used to having to make all the compensations required on the battlefield for the movement restrictions associated with stealth. With those restrictions blown out of the water experienced rogues are going to be very, very deadly indeed.