Patch 4.1 is going to introduce a looking for guild feature. This move does not surprise me at all. If any of you are surprised then I suppose that you’re the type of person who reacts with shock after the girl you just slept with asks to be paid. Blizzard’s relentless march towards their un-stated aim of removing every part of the game that requires players to make some sort of social effort has at last come up against that granddaddy of all social networks, the guild. You can presently experience the entire game without interacting with another living soul. But if you want to join a guild however, you must actually force yourself to make the effort to communicate. Hands up those who don’t know what that word means.

So now we have the looking for guild option. It’s in its infancy stage at the moment, so there are no options to choose PvP or PvE, times of the week, etc, but the general gist is there. You say that you’re looking for a guild, you find a guild that is desperate, and you have a perfect fit.

Except, none of this makes sense. Who would use this feature? Well, first of all they would have to be people who were unable to find a guild on their own or who didn’t care about losing all their present guild perks when they guild-hop. Then they must be completely unaware of what guilds are on their server. Then they must be the type of person who is unable to jump online and look at the guilds that are on their server and then contact a guild that looks nice to them. So we’re looking at a typical user who cares so little about finding a good guild to put effort into the process that all that they could possibly be bothered to do is to open a window, tick some boxes, write something inane in the comments box and then forget about it until someone else equally as desperate to find warm bodies just so their guild can go up in level will accept them because there is nobody else out there.

Now I know that you’re all sitting there thinking that this is a good thing because it will keep the social nitwits together and out of our hair, and you may be right. But the eternal cynic in me views this as what will become the norm, just as what has happened with every other thing like this that has been introduced into the game. Joining a guild is the only remaining area left in the game where a player has to make some sort of effort to interact with other players, and Blizzard want to reduce this. It boggles the mind. This is the Claytons MMO. The MMO that you’re playing when you’re not playing an MMO.