I have a new job that requires that I go out into the desert working with geologists who are looking for mineral stuff. Not thorium or whatever the hell we’re looking for in WoW at the moment. Let me tell you that looking for minerals in the real world is a little different from looking for rocks and shit in WoW. I mean, when you go dig up a copper node do you have to get the heritage people into the area to tag off a tree with black and yellow tape because it has what maybe looks like a point where somebody may or may not have stuck an axe into the tree a few hundred years ago?

No, you don’t. You also don’t have to deal with bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. Today I had a bug inside my shirt. It was a very large stink bug and it was crawling around inside my fucking shirt. So I ripped my shirt off but it was buttoned up on the end of the sleeves so the fucking bugs wouldn’t got in but this enormous bug of death got in anyway so it took me ages to get my shirt off while the horrible bug was crawling over my back, ewwwww!!, and then when I finally got my shirt off he wasn’t even there, we couldn’t find him, so eventually I put my shirt on and buttoned it up and drove around in my big 4X4, but then about twenty minutes later I felt it again!! And once again I ripped off my shirt after undoing the awfully placed wrist cuff buttons, and once again the bug was nowhere to be found, I turned my shirt inside out and back the front and you fucking name it, until finally i was putting my shirt on once again and I saw the bug!

It got stepped on big time.

I am out here in the middle of the desert for two weeks. It appears that my hotmail isn’t working, i can’t access it, so don’t send me any emails, or if you do just have some fucking patience until I get back to some bug free civilization and if you don’t have any patience then I have a bug pie coming your way.