Posting on a Sunday because nobody posts on a Sunday because there aren’t enough hits to justify it. Well, fuck the hits, I’ll give those of you afflicted with the Sunday boredom bug something to peruse. What a guy I am. So here’s a random Sunday post full of random bits. It’s not a good idea to have more than one central idea to a post, as invariably the bit that you wanted everyone to discuss gets forgotten amid the tumult of the offhanded bit that you threw in there at the end just for kicks. But the masochist in me can’t be kept under control.

I am missing my gaming. My gaming computer is still not here. I’m missing it so much that I am very close to walking into a store on Monday morning and buying this little beauty. I need it for work anyway, so I can write most of it off to the nasty taxman. If I do go and buy it I am still faced with a quandary; I won’t be able to download WoW, as unlimited internet broadband in Australia is very expensive, (oh I miss thee, Europe), and the deal that I am using now would laugh in my face if I attempted to download the entire WoW package in one hit. I don’t like the look of Rift as it just seems to be the same old same old all over again, with a nice little original bit to spice things up, and no thought whatsoever put into the end game. Added to that all the zealous fanboy nonsense and … meh, I pass.

Nils has posted some really interesting posts over the last few days about what sort of MMO he would design. You should really go and check them all out, and I want to say, Nils, if you ever make the game can I be on your dev team pretty please? He’ll need someone like me to keep them all on the dial. Just call me the reality check.

I’m thinking maybe of having a look at Shogun Total war 2. I would love to play that in the nights out in the desert after I finish work. It would be just the thing to wind down after a long day, a really groovy single player game … that requires you to log into steam to play it. Which is somewhat difficult out in the middle of the fucking desert. What has happened to our hobby??

If I do play the new Star Wars MMO I’ll be either a bounty hunter or a smuggler. That will at least help me to stand out from all the Jedi and Sith. I’ve been reading some hilarious pieces over the last few weeks from people determined to convince us that everyone will not be playing some form of Jedi, while simultaneously cooing over how awesome their Sith or Jedi is going to be.

Finally, I wish to understand why the fuck people require you to take your shoes off when you enter their home. Because your home is not my home, so I feel pretty uncomfortable walking around in my socks. Perhaps it is the fact that my presence in your home does not warrant enough effort on your part to sweep the floor or give it a mop after I leave. Why don’t I just do the washing up before I leave so as my visit does not disturb your carefully ordered life in any way? Oh, I don’t need to; you made me drink out of a disposable plastic cup, while lecturing me for half an hour on the importance of recycling.