Some of you may be aware that a new Conan movie has been in the wings for some time. I had been following its progress, (or terrible lack of any decent progress), on The Cimmerian blog, but when it shut up shop last year the movie kind of disappeared off my radar for a while. That is until I saw this teaser trailer for it the other day.

The question is not whether this is a bad teaser trailer. The question should be whether it is worse than this:

I’m having a hard time deciding which one is worse here.

In other news, I got my new computer. You can check out its specs and drool over it here. So I’m presently trying to download a whole bunch of games and should begin posting regularly soon. That is unless I suddenly decide to start collecting barbie dolls, man those things are expensive. Going back out to the drilling dig tomorrow, going to take a camera this time so as to give you all some snappy pictures of snakes and goannas, gonna sit with my friends in the plane …