[Dale]: Good morning everyone and welcome to another of our continuing series of interviews with the lesser known people who inhabit the World of Warcraft. Tonight it is my very great pleasure to welcome the lovely Chameli Banaphash to our studio. Chameli, lovely to have you here.

[Chameli]: Thankyou Dale, and may I say that that is a lovely jacket that you are wearing.

[Dale:] It’s a Hugo. So Chameli, you are the haberdasher in Dalaran.

[Chameli]: Correct. My small boutique is located upstairs from the Threads of Fate.

[Dale]: But that isn’t all you do, is it?

[Chameli]: No, Dale. I am also the representative for the Dalaran merchants association, which is why I asked to come on your programme.

[Dale]: Tell me about your association.

[Chameli]: Well, we represent just about every business in Dalaran, with the only exception being the pet vendor. And we have some rather large concerns which the city authorities are not taking seriously.

[Dale]: What are your concerns exactly?

[Chameli]: Ever since the launching of Cataclysm and the closure of the portals we have seen business drop by over 70%. A lot of us were previously merchants in Shattrath, and before that we had shops in one or more of the major cities on Azeroth. With each expansion we have had to move and open a new shop, selling our old shops on at great loss to ourselves. When we were approached by the Dalaran city elders to open businesses here, we were informed that the portals would always stay open and that things would not turn out as with Shattrath. But here we are with takings plummenting and not only are they doing nothing, but they are talking of raising our rents to cover their own increased costs. People do not understand the great difficulty now of operating in Dalaran.

[Dale]: What are some of the challanges which you face on a day to day basis?

[Chameli]: The most difficult is the ability to receive deliveries at our stores. Before we used to use the portals during the early hours of the morning, but now we are forced to fly everything in. And the city elders control the flights, it is a great monopoly. On top of that is our ability to attract more shoppers to the area. People just are not interested in coming here as before, unless it is for specialised training or materials that they cannot get anywhere else.

[Dale]: What about relocating back to Azeroth?

[Chameli]: The only cities at present with vacancies are Silvermoon City and The Exodar. It just does not bear thinking about.

[Dale]: Theramore Isle?

[Chameli]: Please, Dale. Try to be serious.

[Dale]: Have you tried meeting with the city elders?

[Chameli]: They did call a meeting but we had a very low turn out, and besides, I don’t think the elders were serious about it.

[Dale]: Why not?

[Chameli]: They set up the meeting in the Violet Citadel.

[Dale]: So what are your options?

[Chameli]: They’re quite limited at present but if forced we might approach the new Lich King and see what goods his army need to buy.

[Dale]: They could do with some nice hats.

[Chameli]: That they could.

[Dale]: Chameli, thank you very much for coming.

[Chameli]: It has been my very great pleasure.