This morning I woke up early for some stupid reason, only to discover that the coffee machine wasn’t working. There’s an upscale cafe type place behind the house, so I wandered down there in a state of bleary disheveledness to get my coffee fix. The guy behind the counter was bright and cheerful in a way that annoyed me no end.
“Good morning!” he beamed. “How are you today?”
“Fucked,” I replied. “Give me a coffee to go.”
I left him with a slight crack in his Sunday morning facade. Sometimes I wonder why I play games when I get so much more satisfaction out of real life.

I’ve cleaned up the blogroll. Got rid of a bunch of blogs which have ceased to be, even if I was hanging onto hope that some of them would start up again. If they start up again and you’re the blogger, let me know. I’ve also added a few blogs which I read a lot but access through other bloggers blog lists. I figure that if I read you then it’s only fair to stick up a link. I read Tobold just to see where I can disagree with him and call him names, but ever since he wrote a sanctamonius post stating why he doesn’t have a blogroll, (even though he obviously gains by being on lots of blog lists), I can’t be bothered adding him. Particularly after the other day when he referenced me in an off-hand manner but without a link. Call me a scum-sucking pile of dog manure who sleeps with geriatric wombats if you like, but not linking after you disparage me is just damn rude.

The rogue blog list has been severly culled. If you haven’t posted anything in over three months then I figure you’re gone. Once again, if you’re the blogger and you start up again, let me know. Also if there are other rogue blogs out there that I don’t know about, let me know and I’ll check them out and add them to the list. I really wish my blog hoster, wordpress, would give us a feature where our blog list updates new posts in real time like blogspot does.

Today I’m going to begin playing Pirates of the Burning Sea. Expect some write-ups on that next week. Now all I need to do is go get another cup of coffee …