Since I stopped having to drive 90 minutes to work every day I’ve been listening to a lot less podcasts. Which has seriously effected my ability to set my teeth into some poor unfortunate podcasters. Way back in December, Ryan from the Warcraft Lounge podcast dropped me an email asking me to give their podcast a look and a subsequent review. However, seeing as they had only just begun I begged off, and asked for some time as I wanted them to get some episodes under their belt before I castrated them. So almost half a year later, here we are! And we’re up to episode 15 on their podcast, which are enough episodes to get an idea if this is a podcast worth listening to. I also wanted to make sure that they were actually going to stick with it; I mean, how many bloggers and podcasters have come out all guns blazing and a couple of months later they’re about as active as a nun’s sex life. So I wanted to see if they were going to stick with it, and stick with it they have. So far.

The podcast gets off on the right foot immediately for me, with some Herb Ellis inspired jazz tunes giving us a nice introduction. And then we’re into the show. Your two hosts are Ryan and Chris. Ryan is the calm guy who probably thinks through all the possibilities open to him before choosing what socks to wear in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in a bad way; he’s just a laid back dude who calmly makes his way through all options open to him. He doesn’t rush in and make any pronouncements off the hip. His co-host Chris, on the other hand, is the sort of guy who likes to rush in and give you his opinion immediately, whether you want it or not. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes it seems that his brain’s connection to his mouth has been switched off. I’ve taken umbrage to some of his comments before on this blog, which he foolishly tried to defend, although I did commend his effort. And when Chris is wrong, he’s wrong in a big fucking way. But hey, I’m someone who can relate to that, so who the hell am I kidding? Keep in mind though that I often find myself agreeing with Chris. I’m not saying here that he’s some big mouth idiot, not at all. I’m saying that he shoots from the hip, and when you shoot that fast you can hit and you can miss.

The good thing about this is that with this podcast we have some difference of opinion between the two hosts. There’s nothing worse than listening to a couple of people agreeing with each other for over an hour. I mean, my golden rules for throwing a party are to put as many people as possible in as small a space possible with at least two guests who hate each others guts for a bit of social stimulation. Mind you, Ryan won’t come right out and say that Chris is full of shit at any given point of time, but you just know he’s thinking what the fuck is this guy saying? Which is great. You need to be able to get into a podcast, to mutter out loud in your disagreement or agreement with what someone has just said. I like this, this is good. If I was going to pick a blogger to do a podcast with I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in choosing Tobold.

So what do they cover in this podcast? Apart from all of your general stuff, ie what they’ve been doing, what’s going on with patches, and stuff like that, this podcast tends to focus on two main areas: how to make gold and raiding. And it does feel like a lounge. They’re chatting away and doing their thing, and over the last few months they have settled nicely into their respective skins. Technically it’s good; there aren’t any horrible microphone bumps, heavy breathing, or horse laughter. And there isn’t a chat-room so the hosts are completely focussed on what they’re talking about. They also come up with some interesting perspectives which I like, as I can steal them for a couple of blog posts. Thus far they haven’t had any guests on, so I’m assuming that this isn’t their thing.

So it gets a thumbs up from me. Check it out if you want to listen to some interesting discussion related to WoW. That is if you’re still playing.