Blizzard have announced that they’re removing the keyring bag from the game in 4.2. I don’t get this. I don’t understand. It just doesn’t make any sense. It makes so little sense that I think we need to go through their announcement bit by bit to work out what’s going on. I’m cherry-picking;

“… World of Warcraft has evolved quite a bit since the day the Keyring bag slot was added in patch 1.11…”

Yes, it has. Shall we get rid of Arena now too?

“… In today’s Azeroth, keys don’t really serve much of a purpose except to take up physical storage space from the game (which could be used for other awesome stuff), and visual interface space on yours…”

That’s because you’ve taken all of the wonder, imagination, and immersion out of the game, so yeah, I suppose it doesn’t make much sense to keep them.

“… Because of this, we’ve decided to get rid of the Keyring in order to free up some user interface space for exciting new features…”

Yeah, because those two or three millimetres are so precious.

“… This change could also potentially allow us to play around with the amount of default storage space you’re allotted down the road…”

Is it just me or does it sound like we’re listening to a snake oil salesman?

“… So, what does this mean for you and the keys you might not have looked at in the last couple expansions or so? …”

I see what you did there.

“… We’re currently working on the implementation of a system in patch 4.2 which will handle the removal of the Keyring, while causing you as little hassle with keys as possible…”

That’s funny, because I don’t remember them being much hassle at all. It’s not like I was wandering around cursing the weight of my in-game key chain.

“… We are continuing to work on new ways of allowing you to better manage the storage of various items in the game, and it is our goal to make sure the removal of the Keyring causes as little inconvenience to you as possible…”

It just makes you want to scratch your own eyes out with toothpicks doesn’t it.

Like I said at the start, I don’t get it, because this doesn’t make any sense. Why go to all the trouble to remove this? Unless it was an actual daily visual reminder of what your game used to stand for, of what heights it attempted to achieve, and one whose continuing presence leaves you feeling a tad uncomfortable. And what does this mean to rogues? No key-bag means no keys. No keys mean no locks. And thus I suppose no locks means another class ability down the drain. Remember that rogue quest in Westfall where you had to pick the bad guys pocket at the tower to get the key to open the chest inside? Pretty awesome quest that one. Yep, that was pretty cool.