There has been quite a few posts in the blogosphere concerning the new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars MMO. In case you missed it, here it is:

Oh and there’s also the intro cinematic that has been making nerds everywhere cream their pants in anticipation:

Most people writing about this have been wetting themselves over how awesome these are. This is fine. What is somewhat divorced from reality however, is making the connection that this will mean that the MMO itself will be awesome. Let’s get one thing clear; a trailer or an intro cinematic has nothing to do with how an MMO will look or how it will play. It’s sole purpose is to get you excited about the fact that the game is coming, while slyly making the conceit that it actually has something to do with the game itself. Which as I’ve already said, it doesn’t.

If you don’t believe me, let’s look at the original trailer for vanilla WoW:

Yeah, like that looks like walking around the Wetlands. I love it when people make comments like, “I’m so super psyched about playing a smuggler, they look so cool!” Well of course they look cool, in a video clip. You could probably make the Bananas in Pyjamas cool in a video clip if you really wanted to. I’m not quite sure if that would be a great class to play.

We should be doing one of two things; either enjoying these clips for what they are, pure entertainment only, or the game companies should be making clips that actually reflect in an accurate way what the game experience is about.