Come and get you some new free WoW. That’s right, WoW is to be offered for free; not free to play, at least not yet. But you can play up to level 20 without paying a cent. Apparently there are no time restrictions either. So what do I think about this? Is this a good way for Blizzard to attract new players to the game? To get in some fresh blood?

Have any of you tried to download WoW from scratch recently? Have you looked at the file size? WoW has been touted from day one as a brilliant game in the sense that it can be played on any computer, which is true. But any internet connection? Or any hard drive? Depending on where you live it can take days. And if you live in a part of the world where you have a monthly download limit then I don’t like your chances. It’s not something which endears itself to the casual and curious market. So good luck on this one, Blizzard.