This is a blog about videogames, and as such I have restricted my posting to writing about that topic. But the England riots are something which I feel I must comment on. We have brought up a generation of really rotten kids. Not just in England, but in many countries around the world. We listened to the do-gooders with their platitudes of political correctness. We told each and every child that they are a special and unique sunflower who now believes that the world owes them a living. We removed corporal punishment from schools because violence is bad. We removed sports carnivals as we thought it would be terrible for the precious babies psyche if they were to come last. In some cases we removed grades, as these were deemed too confronting for children to be able to handle.

We promoted a society of instant gratification, where everyone is told that to be happy you must have the latest stuff. We listened to the “experts” and put children’s bad behaviour down to disorders. Everyone has to have a disorder now. Thus we taught them not to have any responsibility for their actions; how could it not be so as we were so quick to blame their behaviour on any number of disorders of which the poor little dears had no control over.

And now we have this generation acting in a purely narcissistic way, with no responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Why this is a surprise to anyone I do not know. This generation has been brought up to have no respect for authority. When teachers are too scared to go into their own classrooms what did we think would happen next?

And the truly frightening thing is that this rotten generation is a step away from producing the next one. What values will they hand down to their own children? People have been calling for the powers at be to take a firmer stand with the rioters. That’s a nice short term solution. But the real people who should be put up against the wall are the do-gooders who instigated this mess in the first place. Instead of weeding bad apples out of our society we have effectively cultivated them. You reap what you shall sow.