Even though I’m not posting much of late due to not playing anything of note, my blog still gets quite a few daily hits from people trolling the nethersphere. One of my most popular posts is my post from January on why I think that SWTOR could suck big fat donkey balls. Apparently quite a few people are searching on google under “Star Wars MMO sucks” and other similar combinations. And then they come to me! Yippee! (Always try and have your post title search-worthy).

In that post from way back in January I spoke about the fact that it may not be a good idea to copy an MMO, (WoW), that isn’t working any more. Otherwise you’re just going to get WoW in Space. Well, it looks as if I was right. This is one hell of a first impression of the game from a game journalist. In it he sums up with the view that the only elements of worth in the game appear to be the cut scenes and the voice acting, elements which are more suited to watching a movie than playing a game.

It’s very interesting watching the SWTOR juggernaut lurch its way towards the end of year launch date. It’s almost like watching the Titanic pull away from the docks but you know it’s going to sink. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on what is looking ever more likely to go tits up in spectacular fashion. If it’s possible to make money on stock going down now would be the time to get into Bioware. In the end this will be good for the industry. Instead of thinking that you can simply copy an existing game, (oh sorry, they have voice acting, it is sooooo different), set it in a different world, throw a huge amount of money at it and guarantee success, perhaps gaming companies will invest a little more time and effort into making really good original games.

At the end of the day you cannot compare MMO games to movies, albums, or even single player games. An MMO game is not something to just be consumed and then discarded without thought. It is something that you invest a portion of your life in. Hopefully in the future the investment will be worth the return.