Time to have a look at how these talents might play out in PvP. I say might due to the fact that I’m expecting these to get nerfed or changed outright. The rogue talents in PvP look pretty sweet. Not as awesome as the warlock talents which are jaw dropping, but still, pretty sweet nonetheless. The first thing that presents itself, apart from the fact that there is no clear-cut spread to take, is that some talents lend themselves to certain situations. This coupled with the fact that talents can be changed out whenever you’re out of a battleground or a raid and you may find yourself playing the strategic talent game.

For example, take a look at the fourth tier choice, Burst of Speed, and tell me what you would be able to do with that in say, Warsong Gulch, (I refuse to believe that this talent will stay in its present form as it is so overpowered with no cool-down. Rogues would be almost unstoppable in several battlegrounds with this.)

And this is the inherent problem with attempting to chart for you a clear set of choices. The fact that these talents are so amendable to certain situations means that as a rogue, (as any player really), you are going to have to be able to think on your feet to get the job. Which at the end of the day, who would want to argue with that?

Anyway, lets have a look at the choices available in each tier from a PvP point of view.

Tier 1 level 15

Subterfuge seems like a favourite here, particularly in arena play. I especially like the fact that this includes when receiving damage and not just when dealing; handy for those situations when some pesky spellcaster throws out an AoE spell. Don’t discount Nightstalker though: in the Circle of Blood arena, this could be very handy to get into position quickly on top of the raised platform. As for Shadowfocus, if this is able to be combined with the later talent shadowdance then that would be extremely interesting. In short, Subterfuge seems like a clear winner, but the other choices will have their moments.

Tier 2 level 30

Combat Readiness seems the weak one here; nice but not when compared to the other choices. At least, that is, on the surface. Combine this with Cloak of Shadows and you could be effectively bomb proof for a short period of time. Deadly Throw will be handy against spellcasters who like to kite, but I really like Nerve Strike: Minus 50% damage for 6 seconds after my stun wears off you? Yes, please.

Tier 3 Level 45

The talents here are all about healing and survival, and for the first time I do see a clear choice: leeching poison. It’s one thing to have to press a button to heal yourself, as in improved recuperate. It’s another thing entirely to have your opponents heal you whenever you hit them. Kind of like adding insult to injury. Cheat Death is your standard get me out of jail free card. The problem with these is that you are still so vulnerable that unless there is a damn god healer backing you up you are most lightly toast. I prefer to be the master of my own domain. I think Recuperate is crap, so how they could improve it is beyond me.

Tier 4 level 60

Look at it now; every rogue can have shadowstep. At the cost of preparation, or the previously mentioned burst of speed. A very tough tier to make a decision on. This might come down to being situation dependant.

Tier 5 level 75

Deadly Brew gives you a third poison for free, and that third poison is the one that you must have for PvP. Powerful stuff. Dirty Tricks will be useful for rogues who aren’t able to keep up with what they’re actually doing in fast paced PvP. Paralytic poison I’m not sure on yet. It depends on what it shares its cooldowns with, could go either way.

Tier 6 level 90

Killing Spree is for PvP when your enemies are jam packed in with you, mostly battlegrounds. Setting off killing spree around a heavily defended flag in Arathi Basin can be cause for pure joy. However they’ve changed it up a bit if you look closely. Stun one enemy then turn and have a full 5 combo points to unleash on the player standing next to him? Me, I like. Vendetta has also been changed up, and if you combine it with Deadly Throw then lordy dee you will be trouble to deal with. Oh yeah, and there’s Shadow Dance as well. Fuck, I don’t know.

So there you have my take, would be interested to hear all of yours.