Earlier in the year I gave my number one reason for not playing the future Star Wars MMO as the fact that most of the playerbase would play some form of Jedi. And from what I can gather in my purusings around the web, this seems to be the case. I’m not in the game myself, I’m not going to play it, but I sure as hell am going to comment on what other people are telling me. And what they’re saying is what quite a few of us predicted; Bioware copied WoW when WoW was broken. It’s going to explode out of the gates but I reckon it’ll have a 90 day life, if that. Very silly of them to release it during the holidays when players can overdose on playing time and chew through content. Because content is what this game is about, and with long storylines and lots of cut scenes, I’m quite certain that very few players will be able to stomach going through it all a second time.

And that is because this is a single player RPG slapped into a MMO universe. Gordon has come up with a bunch of flaws that are interesting in of themselves. But what is really telling are his good points about the game.

“… But I don’t want to be completely negative. The ability to select from different answers in conversations, even if they really have no impact of meaning whatsoever, is very fun and unique in the MMO world …”

In an MMO world, maybe, but in a single player RPG this is so standard as to be not worthy of comment. And it just proves my point that SWTOR is a single player RPG. And because of that it will have a definite shelf like. I mean, I love Skyrim, but don’t ask me to make a different toon and play through it all again. I know what that would be like; I’d rush through the whole thing and try to get to certain bits that I had missed the first time around. Going through the motions.

From Gordon again:

“… Likewise the whole Dark Side/Light Side mission options are very enjoyable plus the general maturity of the content is refreshing (it’s nice that you see a lot of moral ambiguity in the Republic story lines, for instance) …”

Sounds nice I suppose. But why is this so unique to an MMO? I mean really, what has this MMO done to advance the genre or improve on things that have gone before? I’m sure that everyone playing the game is having a great time, but while doing that they are ruthlessly chewing through content in a game format that was out of date three years ago. I’m having a great time in Skyrim as well, but there’s no way I’m going to be playing it in three months time.