So the team at Pathfinder are doing a Kickstarter to drum up investment interest in their MMO project. So for once I am putting my money where my mouth is and I’ve thrown them some cash and helped them with their pledge. Now normally I am a great deal more cynical than this, but I figured that if this does get off the ground then hopefully my actions will assure me getting in with the first wave. Also, if in the future it somehow becomes really big, then I will have some very rare mementos of its humble beginnings, which could become valuable. Or not. But heck, I may as well try.

Their goal is $50,000, but already they have raised $30,000 in barely half a day, and the USA hasn’t even really woken up yet. So I think they’re going to cruise this one in. It just goes to show how much desire there is out there in the community for someone to do a fantasy MMO the way we had always hoped it could be made.