[Noisy]: Good evening everyone, and welcome to another night with a special guest here at the Noisy Rogue. Tonight we are very surprised to have the CEO of 83 Studios, Surt Chilling. Welcome to the program, Surt.

[Surt]: My pleasure, it’s really great to be able to duck in here.

[Noisy]: Let’s get straight to the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind: can the Red Sox get up against the Rays this weekend?

[Sturt]: Um … I dunno, I reckon they’re in with a good chance, for sure.

[Noisy]: Really? Because I’ve heard that their roster is a bit exhausted at this point. Do you reckon it’d be a good bet to slide some money on the Rays?

[Sturt]: I wouldn’t want to speculate on that myself.

[Noisy]: Fair enough. Insider trading and all that. We’ve gotta keep it clean. So anyway, speaking about money, I’ve heard you’re pretty tight at the moment.

[Sturrt]: No, I’m good.

[Noisy]: Really? So if I order some pizzas then you’re good to cover your end?

[Sturrt]: No Problem. How many pizzas are we getting?

[Noisy]: About $1.1 million worth.

[Stuurrt]: Where the fuck am I going to come up with that sort of money?

[Noisy]: That’s a good question, but I thought that a man of your means, and an owner of a major videogame studio, that you would be able to front that kind of cash.

[Stturet]: Well, I wouldn’t call it a major game studio.

[Noisy]: I suppose you have a point. I mean, you didn’t actually release any games, did you.

[Stturueret]: Of course we did! we released “Kingdoms of Amawamar: Reckoning,” and it sold 1.2 million copies! That’s a hell of a lot of units sold, bro!

[Noisy]: Indeed it is. How many do you reckon you needed to sell to break even?

[Stturtul]: About 3.6 million. But that’s not the point; we were off to a flying start.

[Noisy]: Do you think your MMO, Copouterus, will ever see the light of day?

[Strartetural]: Fuck, I hope not: have you seen the screen-shots? But hey, let me just say to everyone out there, it’s been an awesome ride.

[Noisy]: Would you consider it somewhat of a failure to spend the better part of seven years working on an MMO title, to spend millions of dollars of other peoples money, and at the end of it all you have to show for the massive spend is a few screen-shots and a video fly-through?

[Stfuckmestupid]: What are you trying to say?

[Noisy]: I thought I just said it.

[Surt]: What did you say?

[Noisy]: Didn’t I say it? I’m sure I said it.

[Surt]: Voices? Do you hear voices?

[Noisy]: So, what are you going to do now?

[Surt]: I’m thinking of getting into the mobile coffee market. You know, coffee sold from a van, but it’s really cool and stuff and really different from what everyone is doing now. I’m going to do it so right because they’re all doing it all wrong, and I can do it right, because I’m Surt Chilling. It’s going to be a hit for sure.

[Noisy]: Awesome! How long do you reckon it will take to get off the ground?

[Surtt]: Probably about ten years. We have to do it right, you know. I have to get the right people. I need to surround myself with the best in the business.

[Noisy]: All right. Well, say hello to the guys at The Instance from me.

[Surtt]: Who?